...summer memories..
Donnerstag, Dezember 15, 2005

ho ho ho, what a preeeetty girlfriend i have ((:
Still cant believe how lucky i am .. thank u for chosing me bunny *

Currently i m on Kuala Lumpur International and waiting for my boarding to Amsterdam in 30mins. After three really great and pretty hot weeks in Malaysia and Singapore ill be home sometime tomorrow morning (and will have to work the whole weekend after three hours resting ..)
But its just 13 days until i leave good old germany again to see CARLOTTA and celebrate new years eve together in vienna .. soooo cool (:

Okay, the guys behind me, waiting for free internet access i just use, are waiting and cos im suuuch a polite guy ..


Peter @ 15:14

* thank u for this blog carlotta - i love you so muchos *

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