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Freitag, November 25, 2005

Wheeeeeepaa altogether
It's Friday afternoon and after unpacking and washing i'll start to pack again. The difference now is,that it's time for shirts and shorts, cos the temperature in malaysia and singapore is constantly somewhere between 25 and 35 degrees..

After two wonder-wonder-wonderful weeks with meiner geilen biene and my return from italy on wednesday i'll start my trip towards asia tomorrow noon.
I will stay in Kuala Lumpur with Eike Cherie Loesner (the artist formally known als Felix) until the 3rd of December. Then we'll start a 3-day-trip to Singapore and fly to Penang on the 6th. On the 12th we will go over to another Malaysian Island called Langkawi (by ferry) from where ill fly back to KL - Amsterdam - Duesseldorf on the 15th of December.After i returned in the early morning of the 16th i'll have to work in the "kinderhaus hentruper mühle e.V." (where i did my civilian service) until the 18th. After 10 days at home i will go to pick up my gorgeous girlfriend at the airport in frankfurt-hahn and start travelling southern, to celebrate new years eve with the most wonderful person in the world in vienna.. (at least that's the plan so far)

I'll try to give some news in here, far away from asia, otherwise i recommend www.foelix.net or a sms to my german cell for further information (:

Btw, Carlotta updated/redesigned her blog /reachforastar.blogspot.com and u absolutely have to check out.

Love you so much Poo :*

Peter @ 15:51

* thank u for this blog carlotta - i love you so muchos *

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